Shawshank Redemption

2023-01-02 00:57:00

At present, there are many professional websites about movie ranking, such as Rotten Tomato, Douban, IMDB, etc. Their review principles are comprehensively considered. And a thousand people have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts. If we talk about the top ten excellent movies in the world, we believe that everyone has their own list. Now, according to my own standards, I will talk about the ten classic movies in my mind to see if everyone agrees with me. You can choose to collect those movies that are lacking in film.

1. Shawshank Redemption

Bean curd: 9.7 points

Starring: Tim Robbins/Morgan Freeman/Bob Gunton, etc

Film review: This is a classic about hope. At the beginning, I didn't feel anything, but as the plot developed, it attracted me more and more. At the beginning, I just felt his talent. His talent was too outstanding, but the prison was far from covering his light. He later learned that he escaped from prison. I was impressed by the development of this series of events, his perseverance and strategy. I think this series of events is not unreasonable, but extraordinary! So Andy is a hero and a strong man. Andy's fate and friendship with Rhett are also very touching. It's worth seeing again.

2. Farewell My Concubine

Bean curd: 9.6 points

Starring: Zhang Guorong/Zhang Fengyi/Gong Li et al

Film review: The film as a whole is quite depressing. In the era of constant alternation, everyone is a boat in the turbulent waves. No one can ensure their own safety, let alone the safety of people around them. People who grew up in the old times are particularly vulnerable in this transformation. Zhang Gonggong in the late Qing Dynasty and Yuan Shikai in the Republic of China were all swallowed up by the waves of the times. When Cheng Dieyi used the method he was taught to teach Xiao Si, he could clearly see the epitome of the conflict between the two times. Finally, the death of Zhang Guorong is really the biggest loss of the Chinese entertainment industry in recent years.

3. Forrest Gump

Bean curd: 9.5 points

Starring: Tom Hanks/Robin White/Gary Sinis, etc

Film review: This is also one of the films I have seen many years ago. Once again, I will look through it, just like old wine. Forrest Gump's image subverts the hero image in the conventional American films, runs counter to the traditional concepts, and is strongly anti traditional and anti mainstream. What he saw, heard, said and did is not only highly representative, but also a direct illustration of the diachrony. In a word, after watching the film, you can definitely realize that life, as Forrest Gump understood, "is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one will taste like."

4. Schindler's List

Bean curd: 9.5 points

Starring: Liam Neeson/Ben Kingsley/Ralph Fiennes and others

Film review: This is not only the plot, but also the comprehensive victory of technology, lens, editing, acting and music. All this is caused by the skill and luck of the director. It is impossible to get it, but it can be seen that Schindler's List has a long history. In particular, when Schindler finally took off his brooch and said that he could have saved another person, I cried too much. From any point of view of the film, Schindler has achieved the power to attack the people's hearts. In the face of humanity and life, Schindler made a choice to be remembered by history. The most classic and touching.

5. Beautiful Life

Bean curd: 9.5 points

Starring: Roberto Benini/Nicoletta Blasky/George Cantari, etc

Film review: Lucky people use their childhood to cure their life. On the contrary, unfortunate people spend their whole lives curing their childhood. People who lack love in childhood can probably deeply understand the meaning of these two sentences. Guido's son in the film is the lucky one. Maybe a little suffering will not bring harm to people, and sometimes it will be good. But as shown in the film, let the young children experience the fate of life and death, and see their father killed, then no matter who is, they will leave a lingering shadow in their hearts. In this film, Guido's father's love is even greater because of his wisdom. That's why this film is so touching.

6. Wandering Away

Bean curd: 9.3 points

Starring actors: Xin Yumei/Freedom to Enter the Wild/Xia Mu Zhenli and others

Film review: When I was a child, I only remembered my parents' fear when they became pigs and their fascination with the handsome white dragon. Later, when I entered the cinema again when it was released, I found many interesting stories. Eating and feeling are desires. Parents, shameless men, all turned into terrible shapes in the end, while the river god, which was originally dirty, became clean and refreshing, which also shows that people cannot be dominated by desires, We should not blindly pursue material and spiritual desires, but be adaptable. In the end, anyway, I really hope Qianxun and Bailong can meet again!

7. The Three Silly Men Make a scene in Bollywood

Bean curd: 9.2 points

Starring: Amir Khan/Karina Kapoor/Madafan

Film review: The film is nearly three hours long, but there is no extra plot. The ingenuity of the plot before and after echoes is remarkable. A good film does not have to be bitter and bitter. It is also a peak that can truly delight the audience. The whole film is full of imagination from story to editing, showing the skill of the director. The soundtrack is familiar to all, and the director also well integrates the elements of singing and dancing into the narrative. The story has a lively rhythm, simple and clear structure and profound implication. The final happy ending also shows the characteristics of Indian films, that is, a bright future.

8. When Happiness Knocks on the Door

Bean curd: 9.1 points

Starring: Will Smith/Jaden Smith/Tandy Newton, etc

Film review: With its simple style, the film reveals a profound philosophy of life. The director finally wants to tell the audience that ups and downs are the essence and normality of life. Many people yearn for a stable life, but cannot. But it needs to be understood that understanding and facing the nature of life is not a pessimistic thing. What is important is to have the courage to stand up again and the power to break the shackles of fate, This is the necessary condition for happiness to finally come.

9. Truman's World

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Bean curd: 9.2 points

Starring: Kim Carey/Laura Linny/Ed Harris, etc

Film review: such a film was filled with tears, from the humorous humor at the beginning to the chilling coldness at the end, the last part of the struggle was too shocking. A fictitious Platonic world, a group of "real" actors, just to deceive the hero. From birth to growth, every minute is watched. I thought I was in control of my life, but I never thought that every choice in my life would affect others. After watching the movie, I always wonder whether our living world is also a happy episode, a virtual cultivation game, just for the pleasure of God standing on high.